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Recalls in My Kitchen

I was just on the Stop & Shop website trying to find a particularly funny advertisement I’d seen and started looking at the recall list. I am astounded. I know these recalls happen frequently since them make several products in the same processing plant used to produce meat, but my God. There are 44 items on the list from this year alone! Many of which I probably had in my house at the time. Some of these include: Breyer’s Ice Cream (my husband has a sweet tooth), Nature’s Promise sprouts, Stoneyfield Farms yogurt, pistachios, and worst of all store made ground beef sold in CT which contained E. coli 0157:H7! If you don’t already know, this WILL kill you. Now this is not to say that purchasing your meat from the farmer up the road can’t get you sick also. However, if local meat becomes contaminated it’s most likely remaining a local problem which makes the recall and getting the word out much easier. When these huge agribusiness companies have a meat recall it’s usually on the scale of thousands and thousands of pounds that have been sold and shipped all over the country (including school cafeterias, but that’s a whole another post all together). Just an FYI.


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