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It Comes From the United States…Is That Good Enough?

So a few days before Christmas I was doing some research on Stop and Shop’s organic brand Nature’s Promise. I went to the website, but there was little information regarding their products. Basically the website says that yes, these products are organic, but fails to provide any further  material about meat products, which was what I was really interested in. So, I decided to email them. I told them the location of the Stop and Shop near me and asked if they could provide me with information about where their organic chicken and beef comes from. I asked for specifics like city, state, farm name, etc. Today I received my response:

“Thank you for taking the time to contact us about Nature’s Promise meats.

All of our Nature’s Promise meats are products of the United States.  However, I do not have the specific states or cities.  Our suppliers source from multiple farms and have processing plants in more than one state.

Thanks, again, for contacting us.  We appreciate hearing from you and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.


Paulette Thompson, M.S., R.D.
Manager, Health & Wellness”


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New Years Resolution #1: Forage

I’ve been trying to come up with some resolutions and came up with my fist one last night during a conversation with my father in law Pops. My husband purposely got a deer license this year so we could hunt (or have someone hunt for us) and have venison all year. Growing up in upstate New York venison is something that we both grew up on. I was excited about the prospect of eating meat that I knew roamed free all its life and we shot and butchered ourselves. That was until last night when Pops informed us that deer season ended the day before. Ugh. No venison for us this year.


December 24, 2009 at 12:52 pm 2 comments

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

OK so if you’re reading my blog you’ve most likely surmised that the name is a play on Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”. That is a correct assumption. I read this book over the summer and it changed the way I eat and think about food. I’ve always been aware of the fact that eating food straight from my garden is 100 times better for me that the produce in the grocery store, but perhaps I just wasn’t as devout about my decisions on the age-old question “What’s for dinner?” Pollan takes his readers through the process of preparing four very distinct meals: one fast food, one organic industrial, one organic pastoral, and finally one where he foraged all ingredients himself. I have to say my favorite part of this book is when he was visiting Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Owner Joel Salatin easily became my hero of all heroes. Grass farmer by trade, advocate, and inventor, Joel is the king of organic pastoral. I wish he and his farm were in Connecticut. (more…)

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Uh Oh…The Ground is Frozen

With tonight’s impending snow storm I thought today would be a good time to harvest the rest of the items in my vegetable garden that are not protected by the cold frame. I ended up with one green bell pepper, 3 lbs of carrots, a bunch of small leeks, and (hopefully) enough onions to survive the winter. Tomorrow I’m going to make some potato leek soup – YUM. I’ll probably cut up and freeze some of the carrots since I doubt we’ll eat them all before bouncing around from parent to parent’s house over the holidays. As for the onions, well first they have to dry and cure. This could take a while. Then I’ll keep them in our uninsulated  mud room which usually stays around 35 degrees F. This and keeping them in a ventilated, but dark bag should help slow the growing process and keep them through the next few months. (more…)

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A few months ago I decided to start sprouting. I’ve always loved sprouts and as the warmth of summer monthes escaped my garden I began to look for new greens that are easy to grow inside. I decided on the 3 Tray Kitchen Crop Sprouter from for $14. It’s probably the simplest thing I’ve ever grown. Basically, you just put the seeds in each of the trays and rinse them twice a day (all you have to do is fill the top with water and it trickles down each layer collecting in the bottom pan). This particular sprouter is cool because you can grow three different kinds as once. Also, since there are three trays you can stagger them so you constantly have a fresh supply handy. I have a mixture of alfalfa, brocoli, radish and another of garbanzo beans and lentils. Not only are they delicious, but they contain tons of vitamins and antioxidants. There are a lot of resources out there if you decide to start growing your own. Let me know how it goes and happy sprouting 🙂

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Edge of the Woods

So I just spent the last hour grocery shopping at Edge of the Woods in New Haven reading labels and trying to find some good local products. This market has a variety of local, organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free items. In the produce aisle they clearly display which veggies are organic and which are not as well as if they are local, USA grown, or grown in another country. Two Guys from Woodbridge sell some stuff in the organic section such as microgreens, sorrels, watercress, arugula, and my personal favorite red butterhead. One new products I found today is this organic pasta sauce.  I grew extra tomato plants this year thinking I would make and can my own sauce to last through the year, but the blight prevented that from happening. It comes from Rising Moon Organics in Dayville, CT. Their website says they have a corporate office in NJ, but I believe they make and ship the product out from CT. (more…)

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Lets Talk Sugar….

Between all the Stevias, Truvias, Splendas, and Sun Crystals, it’s hard to find a good sugar to use these days. Having tried most of these I was still disappointed. All I wanted was some pure sugar cane! How hard could that be to find?! While I did finally find what I was looking for, first I’d like to explain why I didn’t care for the other products. Stevia, which is basically a plant that grows sweet leaves, seems healthy and organic enough, however most of it comes from South America, Mexico, California, and Florida costing way too much fossil fuel and biodiesel to reach my home. It is possible to grow Stevia in your home, however unless you live in the above mentioned areas you will need grow lights to survive the colder months.  Truvia is a similar product taking its sweetness from the earth, but grown in another country and manufactured and packaged in Minnesota. Additionally, they state on their website that the leaves used in making this product are not organically grown. Remember, “natural” DOES NOT mean “organic”. It’s the marketing executive’s way of manipulating you. (more…)

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