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Spring, Starter Plants, & Surprises

It’s April and it’s 65º out….which means I want to garden. I’m trying to restrain myself until the danger of a frost is over in May so I’ve been focusing on the starter plants I’ve got growing inside as well as a few of nature’s surprises outside. Have a look-see:

Cherry Tomatoes



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Dark Days Challenge Week #7

Drying Pasta

Pasta Dough

I joined the Dark Days Challenge right before the hustle, bustle, and traveling of the holiday season so I’m happy to finally be back home in my kitchen cooking up some local organic meals. What a great way to start the new year! Tonight I broke out the pasta machine for the first time and made a pound of homemade spaghetti (we didn’t eat it all tonight, of course). It was pretty easy to use and turned out better than I expected. I’m looking forward to making some ravioli in the coming weeks. (more…)

January 1, 2010 at 9:43 pm 3 comments

New Years Resolution #3: Compost

My gram gave us some money for Christmas and we’ve been debating what to do with it. We finally came to the decision to buy this:

The Earthmaker Composter

It’s huge and amazing.

I’ve never composted before, but I’m hoping it will help my garden this year. I’ve yet to successfully grow broccoli or cauliflower and I’m wondering if it’s because the soil just doesn’t provide enough nutrients for these types of plants. We’ll see how it goes.

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This year I (unsuccessfully) tried to grow brussels sprouts. A friend gave me a few starter plants in May and I LOVE brussels so I was excited about the prospect of including them in my fall harvest. They kept growing all through the summer but never got really big. Then over the holiday I was reading one of my mom’s gardening books and discovered what I did wrong. Apparently once the brussels are about pea sized you’re supposed to snip off the top of the plant so the nutrients goes to the sprouts and not the growing stalk of the plant. So today I happen to be cleaning up after a NYE party and noticed that there were a few decent sized sprouts on them. I pulled two of them out of the ground and brought them in. Now normally if you have typical sized brussels sprouts you can just leave the whole plant like this hanging in your root cellar and pick them off as necessary throughout the winter. I, however, grew miniature brussels which only amounted to a few dinners worth so I pulled them all off. Because they’re so small I’m assuming they will be really bitter, but hopefully sauteing them for long enough in some butter and herbs should make them a bit more appetizing. I guess we’ll find out later tonight when I make them for dinner!

If you have any helpful tips for next year let me know!

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Uh Oh…The Ground is Frozen

With tonight’s impending snow storm I thought today would be a good time to harvest the rest of the items in my vegetable garden that are not protected by the cold frame. I ended up with one green bell pepper, 3 lbs of carrots, a bunch of small leeks, and (hopefully) enough onions to survive the winter. Tomorrow I’m going to make some potato leek soup – YUM. I’ll probably cut up and freeze some of the carrots since I doubt we’ll eat them all before bouncing around from parent to parent’s house over the holidays. As for the onions, well first they have to dry and cure. This could take a while. Then I’ll keep them in our uninsulated  mud room which usually stays around 35 degrees F. This and keeping them in a ventilated, but dark bag should help slow the growing process and keep them through the next few months. (more…)

December 19, 2009 at 5:33 pm 3 comments

Todays Harvest

This year my husband build a cold frame for me in our garden. It’s working out nicely so far keeping the soil from freezing and letting my cold weather crops continue to grow. Today I grabbed a carrot and the first little bunch of arugula. There’s nothing like pulling your lunch out of the ground with your own hands. It might not look like much, but combined with some sprouts I’ve been growing (I will talk about sprouting in later entry) and some eggs it made a nice little salad.  (more…)

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