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Dark Days Challenge #9-1

Saturday brunch post farmers market:

Beef Keilbasa from Eagle Wood Farms in Barkhamstead, CT.

Scrambled eggs from The Farmer’s Cow seasoned with thyme and oregano from my herb garden.

Melted Bridgid’s Abbey cheese from Cato Corner in Colchester, CT.

A sprout salad I made with my own garbanzo bean, lentil, and pea sprouts chopped up with some garlic and lemon juice.

Topped with fresh homegrown radish and alfalfa sprouts.

All on toasted homemade bread – we’re “borrowing” my mother in laws bread maker since she doesn’t use it and have been experimenting with different breads. Last week was cinnamon raisin and this week whole wheat. The flour I got at Whole Foods and although organic, it is not local. BUT, after reading about a few local grain producers on the Late Bloomers Farm blog I will try to find some flour from one of our more local growers next time!


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Dark Days Challenge Week #7

Drying Pasta

Pasta Dough

I joined the Dark Days Challenge right before the hustle, bustle, and traveling of the holiday season so I’m happy to finally be back home in my kitchen cooking up some local organic meals. What a great way to start the new year! Tonight I broke out the pasta machine for the first time and made a pound of homemade spaghetti (we didn’t eat it all tonight, of course). It was pretty easy to use and turned out better than I expected. I’m looking forward to making some ravioli in the coming weeks. (more…)

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