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Cato Corner

Lets be honest, I love cheese. I could eat it everyday all day. It’s my weakness. So naturally I had to find a local farm that makes their cheese using milk from pasture grazed cows. Cato Corner Farm is a small family business in Colchester, CT that seems to fit that criteria (not to mention their cheese tastes like heaven). To quote their website:

“We never use growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or animal-based feeds, and our cows graze freely so that they have happy lives with a rich diet of fresh pasture grasses.”

Those sure look like some happy cows to me. My cheese of choice is the Bridgid’s Abbey. While they do haveĀ  a wide variety, Colchester is a bit far from my house and the local fromagerie I frequent usually only has this variety and sometimes a blue as well. So there you have it. Cato Corner Farm definitely gets this Connectivore’s stamp of approval.


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