Dark Days Weeks #3&4

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This entry is mega late, but with the holidays and traveling there was little time for blogging.

Dinner #3

SOLE Stir-fry


Eggs from Stanton-Davis Farm, Stonington, CT

Sugar from Woodstock Farms, Woodstock, CT

Mizuna from Urban Oaks Organic Farm, New Britain, CT

Carrots from Riverbank Farm, Roxbury, CT

Scallions from my garden

Sausage from Cedar Meadow Farm, Ledyard, CT

Bowtie pasta from Severino, Westmont, NJ

My favorite part of this meal is making “golden strings”. That’s what the eggs I made are called. My Japanese friend Hiroko taught me how to make this when I visited her in Cambridge a few years ago. Basically, you take an egg and scramble it in a bowl as you would for regular scrambled eggs and add one teaspoon of sugar to it. Then just lightly fry on both sides and you get fluffy, sweet golden strings. 🙂

Dinner #4

Local Meat & Cheese Board

The majority of the food we ate in Ireland and Wales was local, which I loved. Everything from pub grub to 5 star restaurant food seemed to have been sourced from a nearby farm. One night in Dublin we went to The Porterhouse Brewery and got some house brewed beers and this local meat and cheese board. Inside their menu was this:

It basically describes how and where they source all their products from. I love seeing this type of thing. The whole meal was SO delicious. I think it was listed as an app, but it ended up being more than enough for the two of us for dinner.

Another place we stayed – Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara, Ireland – also featured local and sustainable food. We had a 5 course dinner there, which included local oysters, rabbit, venison, crab, and fish among other things. They also had an explanation in the back of their menu of exactly where each protein came from. My husband had the venison entrée and said it was the best venison he’s ever eaten (which is a large compliment coming from someone who’s family grew up hunting deer and eating venison all winter). Here are some pics of our dinners at Ballynahinch:

Venison Filet

Panache of Seafood


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