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Booo Food Desert. Yay Urban Farm!

A friend sent me this link to a news story about the original “food desert”; Altgeld Gardens. No fresh food in sight, just a liquor store. Sad, sad.


Derrion Crawford is the manager of an urban farm in Altgeld. He taught community workers how to compost, build a hoop house, plant crops and be sustainable. I really love stories like this and hope other communities get inspired by what’s going on here. For those of you too lazy to read, the article is narrated in a movie on the site as well.

Enjoy and thanks C!


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Save as WWF, Save a Tree

IMO a TED worthy idea. Watch the video and then go to this site to download.


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Oh. Oh, my.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cherpumple.

Courtesy of Charles Phoenix, ambassador of americana.

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Arctic Apples

Have you heard about these apples? The are genetically modified so they won’t turn brown after slicing them. As a scientist I’m annoyed by things like this. Don’t we as a profession have better things we could be doing? Congratulations…you’ve cured the world of brown apple slices. BFD.

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A Delicious Revolution

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