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The Real Dark Days Weeks #1&2

It seems I was a bit overzealous and thought the challenge started a few weeks ago. It did not. So here is my meal for weeks 1&2 for real this time. First, here is a map of my foodshed:

The green is a 100 mile radius, which I try to source as much of my food from as possible. During winter, however, I sometimes have to extend a bit further to a 150 mile radius (yellow circle). (more…)


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An Unsustainable Harvest

This is a great little Greenpeace movie about fishing, sustainability, and ocean life.

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Food Pairing

It’ 11pm and I’m just now forcing myself to quit working, have a beer (Hatch Plug Ale, brewed in Oxford, CT), and cozy up with my Google reader. I suppose that’s what I get for being a grad student. C’est la vie. Anyway, this is all I’ve got for you tonight people….

Wondering what pairs well with fennel? I am. Luckily those savvy palates at figured it out for me. *Hearts* You guys are the best. Check it out next time you’re in the midst of a pairing conundrum or inspired to create something new!

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What’s Wrong With Our Food System?

This 11 year old can tell you…

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Huge History

Eww. I was just watching a Modern Marvels show on the History Channel about Supersized Food and it’s grossing me out. Is it humorous or sad that the current monstrous state of our food has become a modern marvel? When did bigger become better? What about taste, quality, and culinary execution?

Mallie’s Sport Bar & Grill, South Gate MI – home of the 10lbĀ  Monster Burger, which gets ordered about 6 times a week. They have a big burger lineup, you see, from a half pound to the ridiculous burger…100lb meat patty with all the fixin’s (8lbs of American cheese, 10lbs of pickles, 8lbs of tomatoes, 10lbs of onions, 5lbs of bacon, 10lbs of lettuce) and measures 26″ in diameter x 1.5ft tall. Some quick math – this burger contains about 150,000 calories. Mallie’s proudly designed and renovated cooking tools in the meat industry to cook this beast, which starts out as a 255lb meat patty before 14hrs cooking time. The bun alone weighs 25lbs. The makers of this ridiculous burger say they do it because they think food should be entertaining. (more…)

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Blue Gold: World Water Wars

While sick and restricted to the couch over the Thanksgiving holiday I caught up on some blogging and some documentaries (riveting, I know). Blue Gold is the yet another eye opening film urging us to take part in protecting this life sustaining natural resource before it’s too late. Here my (likely unorganized) recap of what I found interesting:

The Problem:

Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water and most of that is polluted beyond use. The normal cycle of rain (rain seeps into ground, flows through rivers to oceans, evaporates into air getting caught by clouds, which move over land and rain) has been totally disrupted. For the first time in history, more people live in cities than the country, which means more pavement and less permeable land so rain water can’t return to ocean and be recycled. We also build communities bigger than local watersheds can provide water for. A perfect example is the lost city of Ubar, Oman, which collapsed into the desert sand as a result of over pumping water. (more…)

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