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Last weekend my dad celebrated his Mega-Birthday (55, born on 5-5-55) in the tiny town of Luray, Virginia, which is part of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Our campsite overlooked the mountains and a small farm. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the cute cows out to pasture. We were only 1 1/2 hrs from Polyface in Swoope (Joel Salatin’s farm) but it was already a long drive so we didn’t get to venture down there. Saturday Luray was celebrating the sunny weather with a Festival of Spring. (more…)


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H2O Conserve

“Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

Who knew the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner would be so applicable in 2010, although us Americans might not think so. Afterall, we’re the ones with all the bottled water. So my interest in this H2O business first began after watching the documentary Flo, For the Love of Water when I learned about how many countries and people are dying of thirst and or from diseases resulting from unsafe drinking water. It’s really gross that we pay up to $4 a bottle (isn’t that how much Fiji is going for in NYC now?) when we 1) have perfectly safe drinking water available for free coming out of our taps and 2) other people don’t. I bet if we all stopped buying bottled water and instead donated that wasted money to those nations without then no one would have to be without such a commodity. OK enough on the ranting for now…. is a great site with tons of resources and ideas on how each of us can reduce our water footprint. They have this water calculator gizmo which helps you assess your level of water use and what you can do to cut it down. The average American 1190.5 gallons per day. Yikes! This also includes things like our indirect consumption as a result eating meat or using gasoline. We just took the survey and found that we use 1066 gallons per day. This is our summer estimate, which I believe is higher because of our veggie garden. We do have a rain barrel though, to supplement with. Anyway, check it out and see what your water footprint is.

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King Corn

We finally watched King Corn the other night….a documentary I’ve been meaning to see for a while. What is this recent obsession I have with food and environment documentaries?! Anyway, the movie follows the journey of two guys (Ian & Curt) as they set off across the country to Iowa where they plant an acre of corn and attempt to track its life. The friends actually had ancestors from the same small town of Green, Iowa. So that’s where they went to found a farmer who would let them rent an acre to grown their corn on.

They start off by describing how the country evolved from corn on the cob to commodity crop. Earl Butz was appointed Secretary of Agriculture under the Nixon administration and under his advisement small family farms were encouraged to grow as much corn as possible. This is contrary to the previous philosophy of keeping production low to keep demand high. SO, then we started growing more corn than we ever had before. And as you might expect prices went down. So what did our government do? We decided to subsidize the crop and now a portion our tax dollars still goes toward paying farmers for supplying us with a surplus of inedible product. (more…)

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Now there’s some classy marketing.

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San Diego Trip

It’s no secret that California has always been on the cusp of everything green and organic. Local foods are much more widely available throughout the state. That’s partly because so much can be grown there year round, but also because CA residents insist on it. My sisters in law and nephew live in San Diego and we just got back from a quick, but lovely weekend visit. A few blocks up the road from their house was the Roots Fest. Basically just a street fair with live music and tons of vendors. There was an entire row of blocks dedicated to local organic farmers market stands and the like. I was jealous. Needless to say, we ate well that weekend. (more…)

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