Spring, Starter Plants, & Surprises

April 3, 2010 at 12:51 pm Leave a comment

It’s April and it’s 65º out….which means I want to garden. I’m trying to restrain myself until the danger of a frost is over in May so I’ve been focusing on the starter plants I’ve got growing inside as well as a few of nature’s surprises outside. Have a look-see:

Cherry Tomatoes

Lots of Lettuce!


A whole mess of green.

Above are various lettuces, tarragon, basil, cilantro, parsley, some bell peppers and jalapenos.

Avocado Tree

One of the many. This is Brendon’s effort really. We will have an avocado forest in a few years.

Arugula Surprise!

Back in October I planted some stuff in my cold frame, which was not a success. Everything died or didn’t grow in the first place. But then last week we noticed 4 big arugula plants. Nature is the best. I could lovingly tend to and care for a plant every day making sure it has the right amount of water, enough sunlight and warmth to help it thrive……OR I can just throw a few seeds in the ground and viola! This is why Theresa is a great gardener – she claims to garden like the Indians, just throwing handfuls of seeds everywhere, watering occasionally, and waits for nature to do the rest.


Another great surprise. Two years I unsuccessfully tried to grow oregano in a container on my steps. When I gave up on it in the fall I dumped the dead plant and dirt to the side of my flower garden. And what do you know – now I have a thriving and very productive plant that keeps coming back bigger each year.

Oh man, I love spring.


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