Organic Saturday

February 9, 2010 at 8:26 pm 1 comment

This past Saturday I enjoyed a nice organic evening with my friend Theresa from The CuT Mag. We started off by going to see a free screening of Fresh the movie at the Unitarian Church in Westport.  At first we felt a bit odd because neither of us have been in a church in years, but the people seemed nice and we were excited to see the movie. Fresh reminded me a little of Food, Inc. but with a slightly different agenda. My hero Joel Salatin played a prominent role in this documentary, which I of course loved. I could listen to that man talk forever. Literally.

The movie also featured some other grassroots initiatives trying to cultivate local foodsheds. One woman in the midwest created these amazing supermarkets stocking only local products. She realized that these local farms were having difficulty getting their products into more name brand markets and decided to do something about it. I considered moving to that town for a moment, but then remembered that we have our own version of this right here in Connecticut thanks to Deb Marsden and CT Farm Fresh Express. Another man by the name of Will Allen decided to start growing local organic produce in urban Milwaukee on his 3 acres of land. Will spends his days educating and inspiring others with his knowledge of gardening and on how to seek out sustainable food sources. Michael Pollan also graced the screen throughout the movie, but then he seems to be showing up just about everywhere these days. LOVE him. I think overall the movie had more of a “yes our food system sucks, but her are some positive ways we can go about changing it” attitude than Food, Inc. Fresh did not delve too deep into the disgusting abhorrent beast that is agribusiness, but rather it tried to focus more on healthy initiatives taking place around us.

As I suspected, after watching Fresh I was hungry….for organic. So we headed somewhere we’ve both been wanting to go for a long time: Bloodroot. This is “a feminist restaurant & bookstore with a seasonal vegetarian menu”. Walking through the door was like walking into someone’s home. The atmosphere was very casual and comforting. We placed our order with the woman at the front desk who explained that there are no waitresses – they call your name from the kitchen window, you pick up your food, and then clean up after yourself when you’re done. Simple. The menu is limited, but that’s because Bloodroot prides itself in seasonal cooking, which I love. We both went for the soup/salad/desert option along with a beer. My soup was cream of mushroom and delicious. There is nothing like homemade soup I tell you. The tossed salad was lightly coated with oil and vinegar and boasted a vibrant array of fresh lettuces, veggies, and nuts. Along with the meal we also received an assortment of breads. One potato, one oatmeal, and one whole wheat. YUM. After recently starting to make my own bread I’ve become a bit of a snob about it. But this bread (oh man), was friggin’ good! Rounding off the meal was some homemade rice pudding. Although I still believe my mom makes the best rice pudding ever, Bloodroot did a fine job as well. Overall, a great organic Saturday.


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